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Urjaa Dham is not in any manner a medical institute or organization.

The Vibrational Therapies and Energy Medicines customized for you can surely treat and manage your condition, but we in no condition encourage you to stop, increase or decrease your medication. We never recommend our clients to stop consulting their doctor or any other licensed medical practitioner.

We only start treatment after analysis and assessment, so you should never conceal your exact problems. The later can aggravate your condition.

We never provide medicines, drugs, supplements and chemical products to anyone.

We abide by the professional ethics and never share details of our clients with others, unless required under any court order.

We have zero refund policy. Once the payment is made, no refund is available. Due to the nature of services involved, no refund is provided, under any circumstances.

We aim at reaching root cause, which needs your time and effort. So don’t expect instant miracles and quick fixes.

Everybody is different, so don’t compare your results with others. We are healers, our work is spiritually based and we believe all healing is spiritual in nature. We do not make any promises, warranties or guarantees about results of our work or of the energy sessions. The energy sessions help many people but like any modality it won’t work for everyone.

We are not licensed by any authority of Govt. of India. All our healing processes are based on our research and study from ancient literatures and on our experience of work.

The instrument used to make vibrational energy medicine is not a medical device and is not a substitute for any medical treatment, under no circumstances should you consider it to be so. Person seeking treatment should always take the advice of a licensed medical practitioner first.

Vibrational Energy Medicine is not miraculous or magical. It is used to balance your inner self. No chemicals in any matter are used to make this energy medicine, only the vibrational rates are imprinted on water using water memory. It is more effective when taken in faith. Depending on your faith, no responsibility is taken for any effect or action which may or may not happen as a result of using therapies.

Reading and analyzing your samples may take time; we are not bond to provide you the exact date and time. Patience is required.

Everyone is suggested to take back their samples with them. If the samples are sent to us by mail/courier, after analyzing them we immediately dispose them off in nature. No samples of any type are kept and stored with us.

We respect all religions and beliefs that relate to wellbeing of humanity. We never force anyone to change or convert their religion.m/P>